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Personal Bio.

An Italian Chicago native, with semi-professional experience in fitness, swim & lingerie genres of modeling. at an early age, holding reign for several City and State held beauty pageants, titles including City Queen, Court of Columbus, as well as Miss Chicago, the stepping stone for John Robert Powers Model and Talent.  This was the foundation to the smile on set and camera as Christy started to take on runway, small acting roles as well commercial print and worked hand in hand with some large scale companies as an icon and Spokes model.  Although her career was in focus, she felt it necessary to pursue her education and throughout the climb to obtaining a Masters Degree in Finance,  yet finding a balance for her creative soul though theater,  and acting in lead roles in plays as well as assisting art media and computer design.

When we asked Christy to tell us about herself, her response was candid: In terms of what she enjoys doing, She stated, ‘I love keeping things simple, I love the arts & enjoy theater.  I am into my fitness and run on a regular basis by routine includes weight training, cycling, and various fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates or core conditioning. I reward myself with shopping or spa day in my favorite cities (Chicago, & Los Angeles) .  I do tend to travel often to major US cities, however I find heart international or overseas adventures.”

“I have a big-heart, sweet soul, and I always look to the positive aspects in all situations. person –I maintain my BELIEF of being true to those around me by heart and helping hand, I strive to make a difference for other and to be remembered for my insight in honesty.   I maintain a positive outlook by inspiring both spiritual & personal growth. I believe these elements shape and provide balance in maintaining my personal and social life spectrum.  I also feel that each day is a new, meaning learn from yesterday to refine today.  I have little time to fret over flaws, however, in reflection I use them to strengthen my vision in the days ahead.

I have many blessing & I count them each day, I send my appreciation and love to my supporters, and I extend my gratitude to you, in efforts of this reading.